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Men On Purpose Podcast

Mar 19, 2018

How can you leverage your wisdom and experience to make the greatest possible impact? With an authority business that offers scalable solutions to big problems.

Tom Matzen supports entrepreneurs in building seven-figure authority businesses—quickly. Tom, his partner Frank and their team at Embark Million Dollar Authority Partnership provide world-class business strategy services, helping entrepreneurs design high-ticket programs, find their ideal clients and convert them to sales. Tom is also a best-selling author and sought-after seminar presenter who has shared his message with more than 100K people on four continents.

Today, Tom sits down with Emerald share his ready-fire-aim approach to entrepreneurship as well as his criteria for embarking on a new venture. He walks us through his take on competition and collaboration, explaining how neither is inherently good or bad and revealing how he occupies the space where competition and collaboration meet. Tom discusses how his business serves authority entrepreneurs in designing high-ticket, high-margin programs that provide scalable solutions. Listen in for Tom’s brilliant strategy for mitigating risk by ‘shortening the valley’ and learn how to reset and move forward when you hit a low.

What You Will Learn

Tom’s ready-fire-aim approach to entrepreneurship

The concept of minimum viable product

Tom’s criteria for starting a new venture

  • Will it make a difference in the world?
  • Does the ideal target market care?

Why conflicts escalate with money on the line

Tom’s take on good vs. bad competition, collaboration

How Tom leverages competition and collaboration

How Tom’s business serves authority entrepreneurs

The keys to a high-ticket, high-margin program

  • Solves six-figure problem
  • Proprietary process
  • Scalable solution

Tom’s insight on mitigating risk by ‘shortening the valley’

How to reset and move forward when you hit a valley

The difference between active and passive meditation

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