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Men On Purpose Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

Anmol Singh is a wildly successful trader and entrepreneur, and he has literally written the book on what it takes to be successful. And yet, Anmol is the first to admit that he is still ‘under construction.’ He continues to seek opportunities to learn and grow. The truth is, we are all works in progress. So, what can we do to put ourselves on the road to success, keeping in mind that it may be construction zone?

Anmol is the cofounder of Live Traders, voted the #1 trading education firm for three years running. He is the leading expert in the trading psychology space, and to date, Anmol has coached 1,000-plus investors all over the world. He remains an avid trader himself, while pursuing other entrepreneurial ventures and building a real estate portfolio. Anmol is also the author of Prepping for Success: 10 Keys for Making It.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Anmol joins Emerald to discuss the short timeline that differentiates trading from buying and holding stocks and explain what called him to pursue a career in the space. He shares what inspired him to serve others through Live Traders, describing the statistical model that allows him (and his students) to make consistent gains. Anmol also weighs in on why confidence is our default, how time alone leads to clarity, and why integrity should be our top priority. Listen in to understand why the path to success is always under construction and find out if trading is the right path for you!

What You Will Learn

What called Anmol to pursue trading and investments

The short timeline that differentiates trading from stocks

The statistical model Anmol uses to make consistent gains

What inspired Anmol to serve others through Live Traders

The Live Traders student who started his own hedge fund

Why confidence is about acquiring the skills you need

How Anmol leveraged patience to market Live Traders

Anmol’s insight on spending time alone to achieve clarity

Why mentoring doesn’t have to be a formal relationship

Why integrity is the #1 ingredient for becoming a success

How the life you desire lies outside your comfort zone

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