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Men On Purpose Podcast

Jul 8, 2019

Everybody is creative. But we let the fear of looking stupid hold us back. Norm Laviolette contends that if we keep practicing and push through feeling foolish, we WILL survive—and be that much stronger for it! In fact, he believes that the first step to greatness is sucking, and we have to say Yes, and to opportunities for growth, especially when it scares us.

Norm is a 20-year veteran of comedy and entertainment, having performed, directed or produced more than 10,000 shows and workshops all over the world. He also serves as cofounder and CEO of Improv Asylum, a nationally-acclaimed professional improv and sketch comedy theatre based in Boston. Norm’s new book, The Art of Making Sh!t Up, explores how comedy and improv techniques can help people achieve beyond their expectations—both personally and professionally.

Today, Norm joins Emerald to explain how he realized comedy was not just something he could do, but something he HAD to do. He discusses his transition from performer to CEO, sharing his early recognition that he would have to make his own opportunities and offering insight around the business side of show business. Listen in as Norm weighs in on practicing your creativity and saying Yes, and to the right projects!

What You Will Learn

How humor gave Norm a seat at the table with his funny family

The moment Norm realized comedy was something he HAD to do

Norm’s early recognition of the need to make his own opportunities

Norm’s belief that everybody is creative but self-talk holds us back

How to push through feeling foolish and develop your creativity

How Norm used the improv principle of Yes, and in writing his book

Norm’s insight that opportunities come from serving other people

How Norm defines courage as trying things BECAUSE we’re afraid

Why Norm refers to improv class as the gym for the mind

How to earn what you deserve based on your contribution to society

How money, love and intellectual curiosity help Norm choose projects

How Norm celebrates accomplishments by taking time to disconnect

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