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Men On Purpose Podcast

Jul 1, 2019

Do you feel like you’ve got more to give—but you’re not sure how to get to the next level? Our minds often limit what we think is possible, and we set small goals that keep us trapped at a certain level of achievement. How do we remove those limiting beliefs and create a bigger, better vision of the future?

Nick Elvery is a Peak Performance Coach dedicated to helping people unlock their full potential. His experience in overcoming a serious drug and alcohol addiction gave Nick insight around exactly what it takes to create lasting change. He is also the host of the popular Daily Habits Podcast and the creator of the SuperCharger Academy, a program designed to support clients in achieving what’s most important to them.

Today, Nick joins Emerald to share his calling to help people overcome limiting beliefs, discussing how to set goals that make you feel the right balance of scared AND excited. He describes his experience with addiction, explaining how he used talk therapy to clear old traumas and why it was crucial to make radical changes to his peer group. Listen in for Nick’s practical advice on practicing mental courage, making important decisions, and removing self-limitations to achieve peak performance!

What You Will Learn

Nick’s innate desire to help people overcome limiting beliefs

Nick’s insight around courage as a habit to be practiced

How Nick exercises mental courage through cold exposure

How to create a future you can live into after addiction

  • Meditation, self-hypnosis
  • Radical change in peer group

Why Nick recommends talk therapy to clear old traumas

Nick’s advice for getting clear on what you want to achieve

The value of goals that make you feel scared AND excited

Why your goals should be relative to where you are in life

How Nick leverages long walks to make important decisions

Nick’s practice of celebrating achievements with self-care

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