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Men On Purpose Podcast

Apr 2, 2018

What’s the different between a network and true connections? To achieve greatness in your business and personal life, it is necessary to cultivate potent connections with other people, learning to see beyond the surface and put yourself in their shoes.

Lou Diamond is the founder and CEO of Thrive LOUD, a consulting firm that pushes today’s true disruptors to connect in ways that propel them toward unprecedented levels of success. Lou coaches leaders in the art of establishing deep, powerful connections grow their business, their brand, their message—and their impact. Lou is also a sought-after keynote speaker, host of the popular podcast Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond, and bestselling author of Master the Art of Connecting.

Today, Lou joins Emerald to explain his natural inclination for connecting with others and the multiplicity that comes from his unique way to seeing people. He offers insight around strengthening your core as a master connector, walking us through the four essential muscles that draw people in. Lou speaks to the power of empathy in engaging with clients and companies, the difference between a network and true connections, and the energy and focus required to listen with both your eyes and ears. Listen in for Lou’s powerful method of maintaining connections and how he leverages the fear of mediocrity to strive for legendary leadership.

What You Will Learn

Lou’s natural inclination to connect with others

Lou’s unique way of seeing people

The multiplicity that comes with connecting others

How to strengthen your core as a master connector

The four muscles of a master connector

  • Super WHY
  • Authenticity
  • Fearless Mindset
  • Empathy

Why Lou left a lucrative career to create Thrive LOUD

The power of empathy in engaging with clients, companies

The energy and focus required to listen with your eyes and ears

The significance of living your purpose every day

Lou’s bongo analogy for nurturing your connections

How to leverage a zoom lens to grow your impact

The difference between a network and connections

Why the best leaders are also the best connectors

How Lou uses the fear of mediocrity as a trampoline

The value in developing empathy for yourself

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