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Men On Purpose Podcast

Feb 24, 2020

Western culture marginalizes death to the point where most of us won’t admit that it’s a natural part of life. But what if we could make friends with death? What if we could come to terms with our immortality and prepare for the end of life—but make the most of right NOW?

Patrick Willis is the creator of Unfinished Business, a platform designed to help others deal with death. He supports people diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in living their best possible life and leaving a legacy. Patrick is also creating an online course that provides resources for anyone looking to prepare for the end of life and protect their family should the worst happen.

On this episode of the podcast, Patrick joins Emerald to share his out-of-the-blue calling to support people at the end of life and discuss how he developed the courage to say NO to other projects and follow his purpose. He explains how he helps people make friends with death but live in the present, describing the support he provides that we don’t get from the medical system. Listen in for Patrick’s insight around the blend of the spiritual and practical that drives his work and learn how end of life planning is necessary—and actually quite fun!

What You Will Learn

Patrick’s out-of-the-blue calling to support people at the end of life

How to develop the courage to make room for your calling

  • Look from longer perspective
  • Coach to challenge priorities

Patrick’s mountain climbing analogy around the role of a coach

How Patrick blends the spiritual + practical in his work at Unfinished Business

How Patrick helps people make friends with death but live in the present

Patrick’s systematic approach to the creation process

How Patrick provides support that we don’t get from the medical system

Patrick’s forthcoming online course re: end of life planning

How Patrick is challenging the Western aversion to discussing death

Patrick’s quiet, deliberate practice of celebrating milestones

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