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Men On Purpose Podcast

Jul 29, 2019

How do you get inspired? For Miro Gladovic, the secret lies in going for a run or a bike ride. In fact, his best ideas come when his heartrate is elevated and his body is in motion. And from there, he takes action to inspire others to do better.

After his professional soccer career, Miro became the youngest accredited FIFA Players Agent in the world. He represented some of the biggest names in international soccer, brokering international player transfer deals worth tens of millions of dollars. Most recently, Miro created the pioneering online platform Soccer Family Agent, a program that teaches you how to be the Jerry Maguire of your family and represent your player in the world of professional soccer.

On this episode, Miro joins Emerald to share the impetus behind the creation of Soccer Family Agent. He discusses the drive it took to become the world’s youngest FIFA agent, explaining how he leveraged other’s doubt to trigger his own courage. Listen in for Miro’s insight around making choices that inspire others to do better and learn how working out helps him gain clarity and generate new ideas!

What You Will Learn

Miro’s path to becoming the youngest accredited FIFA agent

What led Miro to develop the Soccer Family Agent platform

How Miro leveraged other’s doubt to trigger his own courage

The process of creating Miro’s World Soccer Resource Center

How Miro makes choices around inspiring others to do better

Miro’s approach to viewing things from a different perspective

Miro’s practice of working out to find inspiration, new ideas

The challenge Miro faces in promoting Soccer Family Agent

How Miro celebrates accomplishments and catches his breath

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