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Men On Purpose Podcast

Jul 22, 2019

What makes a champion? We are led to believe that top performers hustle and grind, pushing 24/7 to achieve success. But Coach Dana Cavalea contends that if you feel like you’re hitting a brick wall, you’re doing it wrong. To achieve sustainable, long-term success, you must align with your purpose and open a channel of flow. Only then can you move forward with the wind at your back, committing to the consistency that yields results.

Dana is a sought-after high-performance coach and nationally recognized keynote speaker. For many years, he served as Director of Performance for the New York Yankees, leading the team to a World Series Championship in 2009 and earning the title of Top Strength Coach in Major League Baseball. Today, Dana works with high-level athletes and coaches as well as CEOs and executives, helping their teams and organizations optimize performance. He is also the author of Habits of a Champion: Nobody Becomes a Champion by Accident.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Dana joins Emerald to share the moment of kismet when he got the opportunity to intern for the Yankees. He describes what makes a good coach, explaining the benefit of building rapport with players off the field and recognizing the non-linear path to success. Listen in for Dana’s insight around the connection between consistency and long-term achievement and learn to discern the difference between pushing and engaging in flow.

What You Will Learn

How Dana got the opportunity to intern for the Yankees

How the best coaches ‘push you into the deep end’

Why Dana builds rapport with players off the field

How Dana’s book reflects a non-linear path to success

How elite athletes use emotion in productive ways

How consistency over time yields positive results

Dana’s transition from employee to entrepreneur

Dana’s insight around listening to the passion within

How to discern when you’re pushing vs. engaging flow

Why it’s crucial to define what winning means for you

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Habits of a Champion: Nobody Becomes a Champion by Accident by Dana Cavalea

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