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Men On Purpose Podcast

Apr 22, 2019

Do you keep thinking that if you just reach this next goal or hit that next milestone, THEN you’ll be happy? Overachievers have a tendency to attach our self-worth to how much we accomplish, and no matter how much success we enjoy, it never seems to be enough. So, how do we learn to appreciate the journey? How do we keep our career moving forward AND connect with what brings us real joy?

CJ McClanahan is a popular keynote speaker and executive coach. He launched his coaching firm in 2003, and since then, he has spent 10,000 hours in front of entrepreneurs, executives and their teams and coached them to achieve record profits and profound business growth. But no matter how much success his clients attained, CJ recognized that few seemed to enjoy the journey. This inspired him to shift his focus and support high-achievers in finding the joy in their lives—while still realizing their professional goals. To that end, CJ wrote The Overachiever’s Dilemma: How to Break the Achievement Obsession Before It Breaks You.

Today, CJ joins Emerald to explain how he uncovered his calling to serve overachievers and discuss the danger in attaching our self-worth to how much we acquire. He shares his system of helping clients redefine success in terms of unique talents, meaningful relationships and a fulfilling journey. CJ also describes his purpose-focused coaching philosophy, offering insight into the value of a coach who points out what we’re missing. Listen in for CJ’s team-centered way to celebrate success and get his advice to overachievers around shifting our focus to what others need.

What You Will Learn

CJ’s calling to serve overachievers in finding joy

The danger in attaching self-worth to what you’ve acquired

CJ’s system to help his clients redefine success

  • Identify unique talents
  • Strengthen meaningful relationships
  • Enjoy journey

How CJ designs an environment for creativity

The value of a coach who points out what you’re missing

Why CJ’s coaching philosophy is centered around purpose

CJ’s challenge to make an impact without getting recognition

How CJ celebrates success with written notes to his team

CJ’s advice for overachievers to focus on what others need

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The Overachiever’s Dilemma: How to Break the Achievement Obsession Before It Breaks You by CJ McClanahan

What Color is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard N. Bolles

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