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Men On Purpose Podcast

May 5, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a lot of people in a vulnerable position, out of work and in need of food and comfort. And logistically, it’s very difficult for the government to step in to feed and supply an entire country locked in our homes. But what if those of us with means knew who was struggling and could help them directly? What if those of us in need had a place to go to ask for help—without fear of judgement? What if we could deliver LOVE and support each other through this unprecedented time?

Ron Lynch is the Creative Director and CEO at Big Baby Agency, a marketing and media production consultancy that helps entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike build brands and launch new products through direct sales on television and online. In the wake of the Coronavirus shutdown, Ron introduced an initiative known as Intellihelp, a platform designed to engage its network of Angels with people in need one-on-one, fulfilling emergency food rations and drugstore medical and hygiene supplies. Since its inception in March 2020, Intellihelp has grown to a community of 65K members in 12 countries.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Ron joins Emerald and Ian to discuss what inspired him to create a peer-to-peer solution for fulfilling our current needs and explain how Intellihelp gives us the opportunity to step into who we can be as humans. He describes how he got the movement up and running so quickly, offering insight on choosing NOT to operate out of fear and making ‘cold and fast’ decisions when necessary. Listen in for Ron’s take on the misguided shame we feel around asking for help in America and learn what YOU can do to get involved in the Intellihelp movement and deliver LOVE in your community—and around the world!

What You Will Learn

What inspired Ron to create a peer-to-peer solution for our current needs

How Intellihelp gives us an opportunity to step into who we can be as humans

How Ron maintains a high level of purpose by keeping his deliverable simple

How choosing NOT to operate out of fear fuels Ron’s confidence

Ron’s insight on thinking fast and making decisions to mobilize quickly

Why movements can only be created when a need presents itself

How Ron navigates the emotional side of a platform created out of pain

The misguided shame we feel around not having money in America

Ron’s long-term vision for mobilizing Intellihelp in future natural disasters

How we’re doing a service when we have the courage to ask for help

What you can do to get involved with the Intellihelp movement

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