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Men On Purpose Podcast

Apr 23, 2018

Everyone who is playing the game of life at a high level has support and guidance, someone in their corner who helps them make the necessary shifts to progress to the next level. After all, we can’t outrun our own blind spots, and a coach or mentor can offer a clear picture of what we are missing, facilitate the decision-making process, and even inspire us to appreciate and celebrate our successes—big and small.

Shannon Graham is a motivational speaker, self-help author and success mentor with 15 years of experience helping individuals and businesses reach high-impact goals. Recognized as a leader in the coaching industry, Shannon has developed a number of transformative programs designed to tackle the hurdles of life and business. His most recent innovations include The Ultimate Lifestyle Intensive, a wildly popular weekend mentorship program that helps developing coaches fast-track their personal and professional success, and Legacy, his one-on-one coaching program and mastermind for visionary entrepreneurs.

Today, Shannon joins Emerald to discuss his intuition-based decision-making process and offer his insight on decisiveness as an indicator of self-trust. He walks us through the value of coaching, explaining the two chief styles and when each proves most useful. Shannon shares his framework for making connections through Facebook, speaking to the importance of authenticity and presenting the highest, truest version of your message—even if it’s polarizing. Listen in for Shannon’s take on celebration as appreciation and his advice around striving for what feels impossible.

What You Will Learn

How Shannon makes decisions based on his gut and heart

The pull of Shannon’s full-body YES

Shannon’s insight on decisiveness as an indicator of self-trust

Shannon’s personal source of support and guidance

The two categories of coaching

  • 0-60—global shifts
  • 60-120—game of inches

How Shannon’s coaching takes high-level players to the next level

Shannon’s framework for connecting through Facebook

  • Real version of self
  • Polarizing message

Shannon’s take on celebration as appreciation

The concept of celebration as a practice in self-love

Shannon’s advice around striving for what feels impossible

  • Get clear on purpose
  • Go for it with obedience

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