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Men On Purpose Podcast

Nov 4, 2019

Do you feel like life’s a competition? Do you compare yourself to other men based on how much your portfolio is worth or what you do for a living? Is that where your validation should really come from? What if we stopped sizing each other up and admitted that we all struggle? What would it take to become a real Man of Magnitude?

Chad Farrell is the creator of Legacy 365, a personal development platform for Christian men who are ready to become the husbands and fathers God designed them to be. As a life coach, speaker and author, Chad is dedicated to helping men create a thriving home environment, build a stronger relationship with their spouse, and enjoy a closer walk with God—all by living their purpose through intention. He also serves as the host of the Legacy 365 Podcast.

On this episode, Chad joins Emerald to explain how working with kids in the school system informed his calling to teach men. He weighs in on courage and the creative process, describing how breaking a BIG plan into SMALL steps facilitates both. Chad also walks us through the Five Stones of Marriage, sharing the daily commitment necessary to build a strong relationship with your partner. Listen in to understand why men are trying to live up to the WRONG set of expectations and learn how you can become what Chad calls a Man of Magnitude.

What You Will Learn

How Chad’s work with kids informed his calling to teach men

Chad’s experience of being called by way of a clear vision

How breaking plans down into small steps cultivates courage

Chad’s concept of growing into a Man of Magnitude

Chad’s take on the top three benefits of having a coach

  1. Accountability
  2. Saves time
  3. Completeness

Chad’s Five Stones of Marriage

  1. Safety
  2. Communication
  3. Practical Daily Application (PDA)
  4. Deep needs
  5. Commit to promise

Chad’s ongoing struggle of not feeling like he’s good enough

Why we’re trying to live up to the wrong set of expectations

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