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Men On Purpose Podcast

Jul 2, 2018

The truth is that society’s definition of success—money, power and position—simply doesn’t lead to happiness. Rather, the opportunity to build a legacy and do something meaningful are key in moving beyond the ‘default life’ to something extraordinary. But how do you gain the clarity of purpose necessary to live a life of meaning? The answer lies in going inside-out.

Chris Kyle is a speaker, business coach and eLearning expert who supports authors, entrepreneurs and organizations in developing transformative online courses that unite and inspire a global audience. A catalyst for growth and awakening, Chris has created his own online learning programs in the realm of purpose and authentic leadership, originating The Power of Purpose Summit, Launch Academy, and the Man on Purpose 7-week online course.

Today, Chris sits down with Emerald to share his calling to help men ‘heal, grow and expand who they are.’ He explains how creativity emerges from a deepening sense of purpose and how his Purpose Activation Blueprint takes men beyond the ‘default life’ set forth by our cultural conditioning. Chris discusses the idea that a combination of RIGHTNESS and RIPENESS lead to creative ACTION and offers insight around why society’s definition of success doesn’t lead to fulfillment. Listen in to understand the significance of excavating old patterns and beliefs and learn how to go inward first in order to gain clarity of purpose.

What You Will Learn

How the ManKind Project helped Chris discover his role as a leader

Chris’ calling to help men heal, grow and expand who they are

The emergence of creativity that comes from a deepening of purpose

Chris’ insight around the need to go inward first for clarity

The significance of excavating old shadows, patterns and beliefs

How RIGHTNESS and RIPENESS lead to creative action

The beauty of being able to test ourselves out in the world

How a strong sense of purpose lives beyond form

How the Purpose Activation Blueprint takes men beyond the ‘default life’

Why our cultural idea of success does not lead to fulfillment

The three fundamentals of purpose

  • Essence
  • Gifts
  • Aligned actions

Chris’ purpose as a catalyst for growth and awakening

How to celebrate the risk regardless of the outcome

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Man on Purpose Online Course

ManKind Project

Purpose Activation Blueprint

Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder by Arianna Huffington

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