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Men On Purpose Podcast

Jan 5, 2018

Welcome to Men on Purpose, a celebration of real men making a real difference. If you are interested in making your mark, in discovering your own highest purpose and taking action to build a lasting legacy, you have found the right podcast.

In this introduction, your host, Emerald GreenForest, establishes her vision for the Men on Purpose podcast, discussing the qualities of the leading men she will feature on the show and how these interviews will inspire you in your own quest for meaning and influence.

Emerald shares her credentials as an expert in creating conscious change, explaining how her son’s difficult teen years inspired her to serve men. Listen in and learn how Men on Purpose can give you the wisdom and insight to awaken your purpose—and become the visionary leader you are meant to be.

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This episode is sponsored by the Creative Age Consulting Group. Men - Is it time NOW for you to make your mark? Visit to apply for an invitation-only consultation.